Vescera has been transforming Sicilian grains since 1890, producing organic pasta with selected grains,
grown and processed on the island. The pasta is bronze drawn and slowly dried in order to maintain all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics that characterize the grains of Sicily. We use three varieties of wheat: Russello (rossello, ruscio or russieddru), Tumminia (Timillia) formerly Tûmìnia Nigra, Perciasacchi (buca sacchi) or Farro Lungo. “We are proud to offer the highest quality, thanks to sustainable agriculture that has been handed down for generations, respecting and enhancing the oldest varieties, thus preser-
ving all the organoleptic and health properties”.

Pasta is made with only two ingredients, water and semolina flour from organic ancient Sicilian grains.
Processing and packaging take place in the Corleone plant, in the province of Palermo.

Our semolina does not contain pesticides, mycotoxins and any other substance that can alter the
high quality of the product.